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Esperanza Diaz was born in Guadalajara. She started modeling when she was discovered by a local agency for an advertising campaign for a major department store. She began her career with work in numerous television commercials, fashion shows, print commercials, and has even appeared in magazines like Bride’s, Vanidades, Caras and Activa.

This was a natural for Esperanza since she studied both acting and theatre while in school. She enjoyed acting classes and the opportunities to perform so much that she did not want to leave school. She gave many theatric presentations throughout the city with the school.

Orignally Esperanza had studied accounting and was already working in this field. Although she was doing quite well with her career, she realized that her real passion was ultimately to be in front of a camera. Esperanza decided to give it up and follow her passion instead. She moved to Mexico City to start a new career and she hasn’t look back ever since.

Esperanza expanded her interests to include work on stage where she continued to further develop her skills and talents. She studied both theater and acting for television  in Mexico City.

Her work has since expanded to include National commercials like Sky, Nido and Gatorade and International commercials like Pledge, Time Warner Cable, Travel Quiz for Australia, Coors Light and Northern health. Esperanza even has commercials that have appeared on the Internet on like “El paraiso de los Fumadores” / “Smoker’s Heaven”, a socially responsible ad promoting quitting smoking.

Shortly after, she attracted the attention of several prominent casting agents who encouraged her to pursue a career in acting. Before long, with her striking looks and unique qualities, Esperanza caught the attention of several established directors where she secured regular roles in soap operas like “Ugliest Prettiest Girl”, “Zip  Code” and “Destiling Love”.

Esperanza’s most recent work includes contracts with International companies Nestle, Time Warner and Pepsico.